About us

It is truly a MAD story.

The MADness began 30 years ago when Mad Style was founded to address the needs of woman looking for a brand to help them address their needs for style and fashion at an affordable price.  The company was very successful in developing tens of thousands of products in the fast moving category of woman’s apparel and accessories. As a leader in the world of woman’s fashion and accessories it was natural to add a small men’s collection. Nobody knew at the time that what started as a small offshoot of Mad Style would become the primary brand 10 years later.  

In 2015, the woman’s market became oversaturated and there was a craving for a men’s category.  Nobody had ever figured out what men wanted…a tie? a belt? A wallet?  Sure. Guys like all of those things and they want more.  Tech, Toys, Accessories, Jewelry, outdoor gear and more!  Guys want to be guys and Mad Man was developed to deliver on that need. 

Shortly after the MADness began.

MAD is an acronym which stands for Make A Difference. This is a core foundation for the brand and the company.  With ever fiber of our being we strive to make the world a better place. Corporately, a portion of the profits from Mad Man are donated to our Orphanage in the Dominican Republic.  We are raising at risk boys, giving them an education, a home, and making them into productive adults. The orphanage was founded by and is 100% supported through the profits of Nicole Brayden Gifts. Your sales of Mad Man branded products contributes to that mission and helps to put food on the table for the kids who call our Orphanage home.

Mad Man was founded in Chicago. As a standalone brand, Mad Man meets the needs of all men. The Mad Man line is a gift line for guys. Our guy is mysterious, moody, edgy. Mad Man was more of a street brand when it was created and over time has grown to be a little more sophisticated. We appeal to everyone from the hipster to the executive. The Mad Man is everyman. He is a pretty awesome dude.  He is a dear friend, a husband, someone’s son. He is a Father, a Brother, a teacher, a coach.  He is the guy next door. He shows up when needed. He doesn’t avoid a challenge. He strives to succeed and to do better. Every man wants to be a Mad Man.

MAD stands for Make A Difference

Your purchases from Mad Man help support The Hearts and Hands Boys Home, an orphanage founded in 2018 to help young, abandoned boys find a home. We currently raise up to 16 boys in a family environment - a big, crazy, family just like yours or mine! We are committed to raising our kids from as young as 6 months old into adulthood by putting them through college or work study programs.

The Hearts and Hands Boys Home is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and accepts donations of all levels at https://gofund.me/0b4cb76f

Mad Man is a brand of Nicole Brayden Gifts

Since its founding in 1989, Nicole Brayden Gifts has been a leading supplier of unique gift products sold to independent specialty retailers, fashion boutiques, and major department stores in the US Canada and around the world.  Our products can be found in Macys, Cracker Barrel, Hobby Lobby, Party City, Hallmark, and thousands of gift shops.

Our product lines encompass a broad range of product categories including jewelry, home decor, housewares, stationery, and more.  Customers today demand new product introductions on a regular basis to keep their stores fun, exciting, and interesting.  Nicole Brayden Gifts launches more than 500 new items every year.

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